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The Fashion Business Can Be a Great Career for the Right Person
But It's Not Right for Everyone and it Can Be Hard to Get Into
Most Entry-Level Jobs are Filled by Someone with the Right Education
Do You Have the Desire and Ambition to Pursue It?


Are you thinking about earning a degree in fashion?

There are terrific opportunities for you in the fashion business with fun, vibrant careers in design, sales, marketing, merchandising, buying, media, promotions and more.

One of the keys to getting your first job in this industry is you need to get the right formal training. (Although having a close relative in the business doesn’t hurt either.)

Where Would I Study?
Students sitting in the classroom during a lectureMany of the biggest cities in the USA are home to a school that is dedicated in some part to fashion education.

There are campus-based colleges in some of these bigger cities. You might also decide to take all of your classes completely online.

There are a few online design schools that offer programs and classes that can train you for an entry position into this career field. These schools may offer training from a few classes to a certificate or associate’s degree to a full Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising.

What Would I Study?
Because many career positions in the fashion industry blend business with creative tracts such as art and design, these schools offer classes in general business categories, fashion, design, merchandising and communications.

Some of the classes you may take during your formal degree training may include:
– art and design
– fashion merchandising
– product marketing
– sales management
– apparel design basics
– accessory design
– visual merchandising
– retail management

As you complete the various business courses, fashion products creation classes, design instruction, marketing and merchandising classes, you will start to put together the solid foundation of knowledge and skills that are required for a successful career.

What Do I Do Now?
Three Students Walking to their next classLike all journeys, a new career starts with one single, small step. And you can start your new journey today.

You can read information about degrees, courses and training programs at one of these schools near you.

Just put in your zip code and see what’s available now: