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Articles of the Week

We have constructed four new pages about fashion careers and the opportunities for residents in four different states.

These four states are Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and Nevada. Our four pages have information on schools around each of those states.

Students thinking about trying to get into the fashion business might see some potential schools.

Giant state colleges can sometimes be the easiest choice for plenty of individuals, but they won’t be the ideal choice in very situation.

Not sure which is right for you? Ask a school counselor. They will take a look at your education and vocation intentions, answer your concerns and give some sensible suggestions.

You could take a look at a list of these colleges here now:
MO Page
MT Page
NE Page
NV Page

Do you have any kind of experience taking classes at any one of these schools?

Pair of New Pages

Each state has options in regards to continuing education programs, today we are discussing Mississippi and Minnesota.

These posts are made for folks who would like to attend a university or school in either of those states.

One benefit of these pages is the form which permits visitors to quickly get more info from colleges they are interested in. They can opt to permit admission officers to contact them with details about their college.

Most of these schools don’t offer a four-year degree in fashion — those are hard to find. But some of these schools offer degrees that are close to it, and some that are faster to complete.

Those pages are linked here — MS or MN.

You could always let us know about your college experiences by sending us a quick review of how good or bad it was.

Our Latest

There are a lot of respectable educational institutions in Massachusetts. So we have put together a page that is all about fashion career training opportunities in this state.

There is a cool, brief form towards the bottom of this page that enables you to include your contact info.

This information can be provided to the one or two schools that you are looking at. A school admissions official can then call you and discuss the option of going to their school.

You can find all kinds of different schools at this page.

You could start working towards a new degree today. Visit our MA page.

We’re interested in learning about your past experiences with one of these schools. There is no reason to be shy about telling us your story.

Pages Two

We try to publish new pages for our site, and today we have a couple new ones.

School and career training in Iowa and Kansas is what these new pages are about.

There are some schools that present training in fashion and/or business at these pages.

Individuals will often have doubts about which college could work best for their situation. By chatting with an admission representative, the individual will determine if a particular institution will work for them or if a completely different option may be better.

You could view those pages here: IA colleges or KS colleges.

Did you go to one of these colleges and wish to leave a short critique? Just tell us about it.

Schooling in state of IN

We have created a new page at our site today.

Education and learning opportunities in Indiana is the reason for this page.

Visitors interested in going to school to prepare themselves for a career in the fashion industry can check out several possible schools.

These colleges may offer entire degree packages or simply a series of related classes in either fashion or business.

This new page is all set up today, so if you’re serious about it, you can click here to take a look at it.

If you have gone to an Indiana university and would like to shoot us a quick summary of your experience there, we would be interested in reading about it.

Newest Page

The most recent page on our website was put out today.

This newest page targets school and career training alternatives in Idaho.

This page discusses how to start a career in fashion.

The best way to learn more about a college is to have a short phone session with an entrance rep from that school. From this short phone call, you will obtain some fine suggestions regarding which schools might be most appropriate for your future career needs.

Go to that page right here.

If you have previously attended any of these institutions, why don’t you let us know about your experiences?

Down in FL

Every state has choices in regards to career training programs, today we are discussing Florida.

School and career training within the state of Florida is what this newest page is all about.

Colleges that have courses in fashion design or fashion business are put on a list at this page.

These colleges might offer entire diploma packages or just a number of connected classes.

You can visit this new page right now. Follow this FL link.

If you graduated from a regional university and would like to tell us about your experience there, we’re interested in hearing it.