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University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln (Nebraska, UNL or NU) is a public research university located in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is the state's oldest and largest university and the flagship university of the University of Nebraska system.

The university was chartered by the legislature in 1869 as a land-grant university under the 1862 Morrill Act, two years after Nebraska's statehood into the United States. The university began to expand significantly just around the turn of the 20th century, hiring professors from eastern schools to teach in the new professional colleges while also producing groundbreaking research in agricultural sciences. The "Nebraska method" of ecological study, which pioneered grassland ecology and laid the foundation for research in theoretical ecology for the rest of the 20th century, developed here during this time.

UNL was one of the first institutions in this part of the country that awarded doctoral degrees. The first doctoral degree was granted in physics in 1896. The country's first undergraduate psychology laboratory was established in UNL. The discipline of ecology was essentially born there, while the campuses reflect that tradition – they are always recognized as botanical gardens.

To connect faculty and students who work together on independent study projects, the University has The Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences Program. Its students from the School of Computer Science and Management are the leaders in that area of expanding information technology and business globalization.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the intellectual center for the state of Nebraska. It provides leadership in research and education. Local citizens benefit from the knowledge gathered from research generated by the faculty and students. The research-based service to the state is what distinguishes the college as a land-grant university.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has been home to many legendary figures, including the literary naturalist Loren Eiseley, geneticist George Beadle, artists Aaron Douglas and Weldon Kees.

The school's role as the primary intellectual and cultural resource for the state is fulfilled through the three missions of the University: Teaching, Research and Service.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers 58 doctoral degree programs and 68 master's degree programs. Some of those are available through their online and distance education system.

The school is organized into 9 Colleges:
- College of Architecture
- College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
- College of Arts & Sciences
- College of Education & Human Sciences
- College of Journalism & Mass Communications
- College of Engineering
- College of Business Administration
- College of Fine & Performing Arts
- College of Law

There is also a Graduate College, and the university offers graduate certificate programs, mostly for the students that want a professional credential other than an academic degree, or in addition to one.

In 1869, the original University of Nebraska campus was laid out on four city blocks and comprised just one building – the University Hall. Currently, the university has two campuses -- City Campus, which is just north of downtown Lincoln, and south of the old Nebraska State Fair grounds and East Campus which is approximately two miles east-northeast of City Campus. Both campuses have residential areas.

The University Libraries are the only set of comprehensive research libraries in Nebraska. 3.5 million volumes currently reside in UNL's two main libraries. The Don L. Love Memorial Library is the main library on campus and houses collections on social sciences and humanities. Other academic disciplines are housed in six branch locations on campus.

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