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Have You Always Wanted to Work in the Fashion Business?
It Can Be a Great Career for the Right Person
To be Successful, You Need Talent and the Right Education
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New York

Have you considered going to school to become a fashion designer?

You might uncover great options for creative individuals in the business of fashion with fun, interesting work in style and design, retail planning, marketing and advertising, merchandising, purchasing, multimedia, promotional activities and more.

One of the factors for landing your primary job in this intriguing industry is you should receive the right formal instruction. (Although knowing a member of the family already in the business won’t hurt either.)

Where Will I Study?
NYC students anticipating the beginning of classMany of the largest towns in the country are home to a college or university that is dedicated in some way to fashion education.

You might find campus-based institutions in one of these bigger cities. Or you will instead plan to take on all your coursework totally online.

Right now there are a handful of online specialty institutions that have programs and classes that may get you ready for your first position within this industry. These particular institutions could very well deliver instruction from just a few classes to a certificate or associate’s degree to a comprehensive Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Marketing.

What Might I Study?
Given that a lot of career roles in this industry blend commerce with creative attributes such as design and art, these schools furnish instruction in conventional business areas, fashion, design, merchandising and related studies.

A few of the curriculum you may go through while in your formal degree preparation will include:
– art history and core design
– retail merchandising
– retail advertising and marketing
– sales and buying operations
– clothing fundamentals
– accessory design
– visual merchandising and promotions
– store administration

Once you finish the multiple traditional business courses, fashion products development sessions, design and style courses, promotion and merchandising lessons, you will begin to create the strong base of education and talents that are essential for a thriving career.

What Should I Do Soon?
Graphic for student fashion show in NYJust like all journeys, your next career starts with just a single small move. And you can certainly get started in your brand new journey right away.

You can scan details about degree levels, classes and education packages at one of these schools close to you.

Take a look at these schools:

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There are other options in NYC if you want to look. Check out details on technology at this page.